April 15, 2013

Art Show Prep

If you have ever done an all school art show....you know it is A LOT of work.  There are so many things people don't even think about.  This being one of them.  Know what the little balls are?  Wall Tack  I have been using some of this stuff for over 10 yrs now!!!  After the show you ball it all up till you need it again the next year.  Pre-making the balls does speed up things when I'm hanging the show at school...and I can do them while at home watching TV.  My fingers are little sore, but I'm glad I have this job done!  Now what is next on my list.......


  1. That is an awesome tip. I need to do that. I've decided to forego my spring art show this year because I've run out of time :( Also, my art room volunteer threw away my sticky tack when she took down art from the hallway last month!! Yikes. Anyway, thanks for the great tip! Also, thanks for your comment on my blog about saying no! I appreciate your thoughts!

  2. I do the same thing with "Tape Donuts"! I put them on a large mat so they're portable and ready to go at a moments notice! Whatever makes the process easier, right?!


  3. Do you find sticky tack works well on all types of walls? Cinder block, slick tiles, drywall? I find I have to use something different for each wall surface. Argh!

    1. I only use it on cinderblock.....so I'm not totally sure?!?!?