April 02, 2013


Several weeks ago I was contacted about the Line Design project I do with my students.  Shawn asked me if she could submit the design to the Zentangle pattern site & name it after me.  I made sure to tell her it was not my original project...but it seemed to be a popular project that has brought many to my blog.  I did not want to take credit for a project that has probably been around for decades!
Soooo...here it is...the Mr. E! 


  1. Congrats, Mr. E! I just saw this tangle on tanglepatterns.com and had to stop by to check out your blog because I'm a citizen of Nashville, too. I'm happy my tax dollars are helping to support you and your efforts to teach art to our little ones. :) Thank you!

    1. :) Thanks Fidget! I've been teaching here in Nashville since 1997...past 12 yrs in Hermitage. LOVE IT! :)

  2. Ha! Just found this...I was looking for tangle patterns that might go with a garden/homestead/organic theme and found "worms" on the tangle patterns site, which linked me here. I saw your header "art with mr e" and didn't make the connection.
    I said "this art looks like mr. e and STILL didn't make the connection, but because Mr E is one of my favorite patterns to play with, i clicked around enjoying the line art...and then found this entry.
    Now i know! fun times.

    I include a link to a pin of a ZIA that i did recently that heavily features your tangle pattern.