January 02, 2012

Madeline at the Louvre

We're on Christmas break right now...so that means extra time with the family.  Margaret(my almost 3 yr old) & I were watching Madeline: Meet Me in Paris.  I was excited to see one of the episodes was Madeline at the Louvre.  There was a lot of good things about this episode...and it really did share a great deal of information about art.  HOWEVER...something that did not set well with me was that they showed the Mona Lisa being larger than Miss Clavel!  I know..it is a kids show...a cartoon, but really...could they not be a bit more realistic with the size?  

Do you have good art shows/movies for kids??  Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists.....Dropping In On are the best I've found.  I have a Barney video on shapes & colors that is ok.  Not that I really have time to show videos in class?!?!?!  


  1. I watched part of Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian and being annoyed because the paintings they showed are definitely not in that museum. The one that really stuck out to me was American Gothic- I've never seen it in person but I'm pretty sure it's in Chicago!

    I have a dvd of Dropping in on Grandma Moses and I've never shown it in class. I watched it and was soooo bored that I'm afraid the students would be too. Maybe it would be ok with Kindergarten.

  2. I don't spend much classtime showing videos - I'd rather be doing hands-on stuff and usually so would the kids. But my one exception is the free movie on Surrealism that I got from the Dali Museum in Florida. It's called "Get Surreal" - you can preview it on YouTube (a shorter version) or get the whole thing here directly from the museum: http://thedali.org/education/for_educators.html
    I show this movie grade 4 and up, and it's awesome.

  3. I have an old PBS VHS that shows Wayne Thiebaud drawing an ice cream cone. I show is as part of our 2nd grade Wayne Thiebaud dessert lesson. I also have a VHS of Eric Carle showing his entire process of making the Very Hungry Caterpillar - from painting paper, sketching, cutting, gluing using tweezers. Awesome!
    I used to show a VHS of Calder operating his circus...unfortunately the VHS broke and it is no longer available.

  4. Have you seen Linnea - in Claude Monet's garden? It's great for elementary kids!

  5. I am a K-5 art teacher and I have a number of the Peggy Flores Art videos. I like them all! Especially the 'Pop Art', and 'Animal Sculptures'. She is an Art Teacher, so she is very 'kid friendly'.