January 10, 2012

The Dinosaur Unit Begins: 1st Grade

(thought these were funny..had to share)

Looking at the 9 weeks pacing guide for our district, I decided that a dinosaur unit might be a fun way to go about doing the lessons.  I have this wonderfully old(from my first year of teaching..15 years ago) video that the kids LOVE! Now it does have some dino eating dino parts in it...which could be a little scary for young children.  However, when that part comes up...I tell the kids it is like the dinosaur is going through the drive thru at McDonald's! That is usually enough to make the kids laugh & get through that part of the video.

The lessons in the 9 weeks pacing guide are Clay Pinch Pots, Drawing, Painting, & Printmaking.

Last week(which was a strange 3 day week) I had my 1st grade classes create dinosaurs in collage.  It is going to be part of a mural that I'm collaborating with the 1st grade teacher I had growing up in Ohio.  Her kids are making dinosaurs too in collage & we're going to put them together in a mural.  It will go on display here...then I'll send it to her to display there!  Very excited to give this collaboration a try!!!

Alright..now for the lessons that will go with our pacing guide.
Clay Pinch Pots -  Dinosaur eggs with baby dino's inside!
Drawing - Dino in habitat.
Painting - Large dino in center with patterns surrounding it.
Printmaking - Incised Plate with baby dino hatching from egg.

I think it is going to be a FUN 9 weeks of dino goodness!!!!


  1. Cool - I do a KDG dino unit too, in the spring. Usually a clay fossil, then a watercolor dino habitat, then a little further down the timeline to some prehistoric cave art and mini Stonehenge. I look forward to stealing, I mean seeing, what you post! : )

  2. Love the lesson and how the dinosaurs pop with the bright colors on the blue paper! I did a lessons with Dinosaurs in first grade after we read "Dinosaurs Love Underpants"... I love your blog, I would love it if you could check out my blog and let me know what you think. http://lawnim19artisticfreedom.blogspot.com/

  3. Hi Mr. E,

    I came across your blog while seaching the internet for ideas for a clay project. I saw your post on Google presentations and wanted to pass along the new "power point" Prezi. It is free to the public and as a student or teacher you get a free upgrade. Thought you would think it's just as amazing as I have. You can access your "Prezi" from any computer with internet. It has some really amazing effects. Here is a link to my first one.