January 09, 2012


 I had seen on a few other blogs that teachers were using magazine pages for paint palettes.  I just wasn't sure about how well it would work.  However, last week I went to my cupboards and found that my cupboards were bare( I had no small paper plates left ).  So magazine palettes it was.  IT WORKED GREAT!  I still like using small paper plates, but magazine pages are free & I have an endless supply.  
So teachers that posted this idea..THANK YOU.


  1. I've never tried the magazine pages. I would think the patterns and colors on the pages would "get in the way".

    I have someone who brings me her empty TV dinner containers, and they make wonderful palettes. They are "basic black". We wash them sometimes and other times we don't...

  2. I thought the same thing, Phyl, and resisted trying it. But I have to say, my eyes adjusted really quickly when focused in on the painting space, and it wasn't the problem I thought it would be. The lesson I tried it with involved lots of color mixing, so the extra space of the page was handy. I still use my "washing-required" plastic palettes when using a more limited color scheme. The best thing about the magazines is when you have multiple classes painting and no time for washing up in between. Happy painting!

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