January 24, 2012

Bottle Cap Mural 4 Months Later

One of my blog readers asked me how the bottle cap mural was "holding up"
out in the elements.  GREAT QUESTION!!!  

This was not constructed to be a "forever" piece in the beginning.  4 months into its exposure to the elements...I've had one repair session where I reattached about 30 caps that had come off(possibly picked off by neighborhood kids). A few of the caps came off because of my own stupidity.  There were stickers on some of the milk caps...and that is were the separation occurred.  I should have removed the stickers before letting the students attach them to the board.    There is fading happening to some of the lids. You may be able to see in this picture that the oranges are looking a little peachy.  For the most part though..the colors are staying true.  

One way that this could have been(possibly still can be) a forever piece is if I would have used resin on the board.  I may investigate this in the spring when the weather is warmer & I can use the resin outside! I'll let you know how it goes!! 


  1. It's such a cool piece -- would be great if you coud figure out a way to make it last!!

  2. I finally opened up my issue and came across this- I was so excited for you- the article (AND the art) look great! So glad you got to share it.

  3. Your bottle cap project has inspired me, I'm going to try one with my after school art class in a couple weeks. Thanks for the updates.

  4. I would love to know how your bottle cap mural held up outside. Thinking of doing one - started collecting caps this week.