October 07, 2009

Scare Crows- Construction Paper Crayons

Lets face it, most of our 1st graders haven't moved too far beyond their Kindergarten abilities yet....they just aren't developmentally ready...YET! I push & push..but sometime forget and become frustrated. WHY CAN'T THEY DO MORE?!?!?! Each fall though, I take a step back and give them a project I know they will find great success with....and get heaps of praise!! These scares crows are great fun for the kids, and give them a chance to try construction paper
crayons(if you have not used these...they are WONDERFUL!). Please notice though..the
pumpkins they create are not Jack-o-Lanterns. This is a fall picture..not Halloween.
I do not do holidays in my room. I do seasons..the art lasts longer that way.
You can keep a fall picture up until after Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE construction paper crayons!
    I was just able to try them out this year and now I am using them for projects all the time. The kids love them too")