October 06, 2009

Kindergarten Watercolor Painting -Color Mixing

Sometimes you just have to be brave! I decided that I'd do a fall watercolor picture with my kindergarten classes. They have been doing extremely well, and I felt that I could trust them with a little more than some of my classes in years past. Well, after cups of water being spilt daily.....I still feel they did a pretty good job. I did demo the lesson first and show them how to make orange. I use the BIGGIE water colors by Prang that have four large ovals of Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green.


  1. love the vibrant orange!! you are VERY brave :)

  2. You are much braver than I. I have them use watercolor pencils and then add the water with Q-tips. you need very little water this way so when it spills it's not quite so messy.
    These look wonderful though!