October 28, 2009

Sales on Art Supplies

In Nashville,TN....we have a wonderful selection of art, arts & crafts, school supply stores. Michaels, Jo-Ann's, and Hobby Lobby are the national chains that I frequent most for my personal art supply needs. Once and awhile I'll pick up things for my classroom, but that is usually taken care of through district approved catalogs. These stores are also where I"ll point my students to pick up art supplies. However, I always tell them...WAIT FOR THE SALES!! Jo-Ann's and Hobby Lobby always half 30%, 40%, and 50% sales on different iteams every week!! They also have amazing coupons!!!!!! You can sign up for those in the store, or check out their online site and print off coupons! If you do not have one of these stores near you...I think you can online order!! Check it out!!

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