February 01, 2022

WELCOME TO #heartaday22!!!

You know what that means.....#heartaday22!!!
A laid back art challenge where you create a heart each day and post it to social media.  You can use any medium, any theme, any size....IT IS ALL UP TO YOU! If you can't do every day...that's ok.  Share your hearts as often as you are able.  I started this challenge 7 years ago because I needed some motivation and accountability to create each and every day! 

USE #'s : #heartaday, #heartaday22, #iheartart 

I post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.  



  1. Do you put together a print of them all to sell at the end (or individually)? They are so beautiful, i want them all, and we are only on day six!