February 13, 2022

Sunday Devotional With Mr. E: Handling Fear

Artistic risks can be uncomfortable. We fear making the wrong choices. We fear failing. We fear making fools of ourselves. We fear what others might say. We fear change.  However, without risks.. art becomes stagnant.  When we only do what we know or are comfortable with there is little opportunity for growth.  We become "stuck".  Maybe we are afraid to deviate from what has been deemed "good" or "successful"?  Maybe we are afraid to change what we do because we've become comfortable with our media, subject matter, or process. This art life does involve failure at times.  However, failure often yields lessons that lead to great success.  We must move forward...even though we may be afraid. Handling our fear isn't getting rid of them or not being afraid, but working through our fears to find what is beyond them.

When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.

Psalm: 56:3 

Is fear preventing you from stepping out of your comfort zone? You may have a desire to get out of the pew at church and lead in some way. You may feel a need to give more than what you are use to doing. Maybe you have a desire to start a bible study group in your community.  There could be a mission trip opportunity that you are unable to shake from your heart and mind.  Maybe you have a deep desire to serve, but struggle to give up your "free" time.

 Growth usually requires us to risk something we hold tightly to that brings some sort of control and/or comfort.  We find ourselves struggling to let go and allow God to be God in our lives. We may be afraid that we might have "misheard" God. We may be concerned that there are more qualified people out there to serve in a given area.  We may fear that if we give of our time and money....that we might not have enough. The Lord knows our fears. He continues to call us to take steps of faith that we feel are risky. Our fear does not mean we are unworthy, unacceptable, or unlovable.  In Psalm 56:3, we see not the absence of fear, but the answer on how to handle our fears... "I put my trust in you."  Fear is not a sign of weakness, but an opportunity to trust God all the more.  Fear is not failure of faith, but a time to fall into the embrace of the Father and know you are safe. 

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