February 28, 2022

#heartaday22: Day 28

(For this year!)

I thought I would end with myself.  I'm not trying to be conceded. I've struggled at times to view myself as an "artist".  I've always viewed myself as a good art teacher that is an ok artist. I've worked really heard at changing this mindset. So...I thought I'd end with me.

I really hope you enjoyed this year's version of #heartaday.  I heard from many people on my social media (art teachers and non-art teachers) that really enjoyed learning about some artists and moments that they had never heard of before.  I know I learned several new things along the way!  

Day 28 is Ted Edinger! 
Shameless Self Promotion! 
This year #heartaday explored different styles, movements, & artists! 
#heartaday22 #iheartart #heartaday 


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