November 29, 2020

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: Not A Day

There have been days in my artistic journey that haven't been my favorite.  The day I smashed my finger off in sculpture class.  The day my professor belittled me in front of the entire class because he didn't like the subject matter of my work.  The day my first first year of teaching was destroyed by a tornado. These are just a few of the many days that seemed incredibly dark.  How do you respond to such days...such times in your life?  Struggles will arise in every artist's journey.  Do you just wish those days away?  There is not a day I'd wish away.  Even in the darkest moments, I knew that I was on a journey worth taking.  As artists we can channel our struggles into our work.  As artists we can begin to pull ourselves from the pit through our artistic endeavors. We have a "built-in" way to process the pain.  However, I'd not purposely go stick my hand back in that machine again.  However, I learned so much from the accident.  That was an experience I walked through, and I became stronger for it.  Do you have days in your journey that you can point to as turning points/moments of great meaning?  

I think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone that would say 2020 has been the greatest year ever.  There have been trials and tribulations like most of us have never experienced in our life.  I hear so many wishing the days away.  They are hoping an end to 2020 will be an end to all the struggles that they've been facing.  The trouble with that mentality is that we do not know what tomorrow holds.  We don't even know if we will have tomorrow.  We must find what is praise worthy in today.  We must look for the good that God has placed in the now.  It is ok not to want to repeat the pain and sorrow we are experiencing, but we cannot turn our back on who God is, what he is doing, and how he might want to use today.  Not a day is worth giving up when we know the Lord.  For each day is one to know him more and make him known.   

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