November 18, 2020

Collaborative “Happy Art” Project K-4th

Every year I have my students create a collaborative art project which will hang in the halls for the entire school year. Because we began the year virtual I had to change things up. I finally found a break in the curriculum where I could do this project with the entire school. We discussed why artist create, select themes, choose colors, and a host of other arty goodness. It really was a good discussion even with my young artists. We then looked at the work of Britto. I found some good videos on YouTube to go along with the lesson. I asked them to choose a word to describe his work. A majority of my students said happy first....then colorful. We talked about how important happy art is during a time like this. They were so excited to create art for the school that would make people smile and bring joy.
Each student created one heart. I told the students that they could put something that makes them smile in the center heart. They then Drew seven lines coming from the heart to the outer edge like the rays of the sun. Each section had to have a different pattern and color story. I emphasize the importance of a large patterns....Because if they created really small ones it would take forever to finish! With kindergarten I used grade levels are used crayons, and all other grades used markers. 

I am currently assembling the hearts to fit within black frames we have for the hallway. Normally I would have students help, but because of Covid I’ve had to take more of a role.

I think these will make people smile and bring joy to all who see them! 
The kids are so excited to see them up in the hall!! 


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