November 05, 2020

Anyone Else....

 I'm currently teaching in person, online, and providing lessons for students who are quarantined.   Over the pandemic students have lost some skills that we are having to "recoup" now!!  Some of which is basic direction following.  They aren't bad kids.  They actually are pretty awesome...but they've forgot how to listen!  Case in point..."Students, when you take your supplies to the TO BE CLEANED shelves...please place your pencil in the cup with the eraser pointing up."  Then I did an annoying song & dance of "Eraser up..point down...eraser up ...point down!" 


What basics are you having to reteach??

1 comment:

  1. In spite of being full remote, my kiddos are having more trouble than usual following the protocol of handing in work and waiting for their turn to talk.
    I'd love to hear your song, by the way.