November 01, 2020

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: Keep Going

Rejection letters.  Criticism.  Denied opportunities.
The art world is not for the faint of heart.  It can be pretty soul crushing at times.  Many become discouraged enough to walk away from their gifts/skills/passions.  Their hurt/pain is enough to cause them to want to retreat.  Though mundane...maybe it is safer?  If I don't put myself out there...I won't have to worry about rejection.  

However, there is that spark inside of you that just won't stop.  You have to keep going.  Art is extension of who you are.  It is the words you cannot speak.  It is the story you must share.  It is the wisdom you desire to pass on.  It is the joke you know is worth telling.  It is the cause you want to others to consider.  Your art cannot be stopped.

So often we become dismayed by the circumstances in our life, community, and world. We want to retreat from the pain, confusion, uncomfortable situations, and our own perceived weakness.  This keeps us from fulfilling what God desires for our life.  We focus on ourselves, our situation, and what is going on around us to the point that we forget that God is in control.  It is he who will work in & through you.  It is not for your might, power, intellect, or abilities that God desires to use you for his purpose & plan.  It is for your availability.  Are you unavailable because your too busy focused on the things of this world?  Have you allowed the fire that God placed in your heart to be dimmed by everything that is out of your control or the fact that you are trying to control everything?  When you realize that God is the strength of your heart & your can begin to rest in him.  This truth takes the control from your weak and tired hands (from holding on to something you were never meant to hold on to), and places it back where it belongs.  This brings rest to your weary heart & revives the flame God has placed within you to know him & make him known.  This....will allow you to keep going.

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