August 02, 2020

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: In Its Time

 The microwave takes too long.  Fast food isn't fast enough. Next day delivery seems like forever.  The internet moves at a snails pace.  We become very disgruntled if we have to set through commercials while watching a program.  It's as if our perception of time has been changed by "progress".  However, art does not always operate (well) in our new normal.  There is time required to grow as an artist.  Hours, days, weeks, months, and years can be invested in artistic pursuits to develop one's skills.  A YouTube video can not substitute for the practice, patience, failure, success, and growth that can only take place over time.  Too often people expect to be better/further along than they are. When they become frustrated because they aren't where they think they should be.....they quit.   This is true in showing and selling one's art.  You can not expect to be an overnight success. Van Gogh only sold one painting while he was a live (and created hundreds!).  How much time?  Each of us is unique.  We can not compare ourselves to others in our artistic journey.  Art develops in its own time.  Leave the microwave for popcorn...not art!

The microwave society we live in has found its way into the faith community.  We want our prayers answered now.  We want our healing now. We want to be in leadership now. We want our happiness now. The thing is....our timing might not be God's timing.  There have been many situations where I've "wished" I was in a different place in my journey.  I've tried to pray away what I was going through (personal illness, death in the family, stress, uncertainty).  However...I would have missed out on so much if God would have instantly taken away or changed my circumstances. 
I would not have learned what it means to rest in him, trust him, and believe that he is enough.  I would not have seen the body of Christ come together and help meet my needs.  I would not have been able to gain insight and empathy for what others go through.  "He has made everything beautiful in its time."  We need to embrace the time we've been given....he will make it beautiful.   

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