August 06, 2020

Getting My Teaching Space Ready

We started back to school this week, but related arts have not started holding their own classes yet. We have been joining in on morning meetings as classroom teachers set norms and help students troubleshoot the (many) technology issues. Our district is using Microsoft TEAMS as our virtual meeting space, Schoology as the platform to organize content, and Florida Virtual School for the curriculum. It is a whole lot of new!!  Though I wish we were at a point where we could return....I am thankful our district is considering the health & well being of the students, teachers/staff , and community! 

My BF ArtEd bud was helping me work through my document camera issues...and didn’t realize she was going to be starring in my blog post today! Haha


  1. Hi. Like how you have the bins stack with the laptop on top. Does this work long term?

    1. I used packing tape to secure it should work for awhile, The height is perfect for the webcam for my classes online.