August 15, 2020

Art Dad: Print Making

 This week my wife is focusing on Japan for homeschooling.  She asked me if I'd do print making with the kids (they would then write a poem to go with their art).  We used styrofoam trays I purchased at Dollar Tree (Because I love Dollar Tree!!), pencils, paper, spray bottle, and Sargent Art's Paint Sticks. I had the kids draw the basic lines for their image and then print with their lightest color (we spritz the paper with the spray bottle and blotted it with a paper towel before printing the first color to make it more receptive).  I then had the kids draw more detail into their work and print their medium value.  Last I had them decide what part would receive the darkest color, and we cut away the rest of the styrofoam.  The kids enjoyed the process, and wanted to make more! 

After we finished the incised prints, I had them make some transfer prints using aluminum foil, markers, spray bottle and paper.  The older girls were blown away, and wanted to make paper to create cards, collage paper, and backgrounds for other art. My oldest daughter's best friend is also home schooling with us.  Her mom texted me later that evening and said her daughter was so excited she taught their next door neighbor how do do the transfer print!! 

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