May 17, 2020

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: WORDS

Most think of art as a primarily visual form of communication and expression, but words play an incredible roll.  They label it, describe it, promote it, compare it, emote about it, praise it, and condemn it. Art creates conversation.  Art is communication.  A title for a work can cause confusion or clarification.  A well written artist statement can set the scene for a work or series of works that will usher the viewer in to a deeper experience because of the context provided.  A scathing review can sway our opinion of a work, artist, or venue.  Friends discussing a work of art or an artist can raise one's curiosity & desire to seek out more information.  Yes, words have a power to impact art (and artist) in a positive, negative, or neutral way.  

Words have an incredible impact.  Do you consider this in your day to day?  There are so many things happening in our world that could easily influence you in a negative manner.  Are you allowing negativity to escape from your lips?  How much do you entertain negativity in your ears, minds, and hearts? Sometimes we make excuses.  We call it "playing", "sarcasm", "truth", "honesty", "the way it is"...etc. However we choose to label it, the reality is that we can harm others with our words (piercing like a sword).  If it does not build others up, if it does not show God's love, and if it does not reflect The Word to the world around we need to entertain such things? 

Do your words HURT or HEAL?  

As you reflect on this....consider how you can change the words you hear, read, write, listen, and speak so that you might better reflect the person God has called you to be.  Do your words help, encourage, inspire, build, benefit, and HEAL? Do they show love, grace, and hope?  Do others want to know why your words, your way, your attitudes, and your actions are different from others?  

This week speak words of love, encouragement, and healing
 to someone in your life!

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