May 31, 2020

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: For the love...

Have you ever met someone that really loves art? I mean REALLY loves art!
  As art people, we often love to talk about art. We discuss the good , the bad, and the ugly (and sometimes we really love the ugly!!)  We love to create art.  From grand works to little doodles, we just want to be creating something.  We love to go to galleries, museums, and to look at art work other artist.  It expands, inspires & challenges our artistic vision.  We love to buy art supplies (whether we need them or not! ha ha). We love to share our passion for art with others. Sometimes this is through "formal" teaching, but often it is just casual conversation.   When we sincerely love something, it is only natural for it to spill over into other areas of our life.   We don't do it with some "agenda" is simply for the love of art! 

Have you ever met someone that you feel has a sincere love for God?  What are some of the characteristics you see in them?  Words like true, real, genuine, different, compassionate, and loving might come to mind. For the love of God transforms people, and they are no longer the same.  I'm not talking about the people that are so heavenly minded that they are no earthly good.  People that have been truly transformed by God's love will be sincere in love.  This love is a call to action.  Love can not be passive and be true.  Romans 12:9-10 goes on to say that there will be "hate" for what is evil. We can not passively view "evil".   We must have a strong visceral response to those things that are not of God that calls us to action.  This verse goes on to say that we must cling to what is good.  Why is this important? If we are not careful we can become so focused on the negative that we lose hope that God is still on the throne.  The last part of this section of scripture goes back to the need for the love of God in our life.  This love reminds us that we must "die to self". In other words...STOP BEING SO SELFISH!!!!  Too often we place our wants, our needs, our comfort above what God is calling us to do.  If we want to truly live a life of sincere love...we must become more like Christ.  If we desire our love for the Lord to overflow into every area of our life, we must devote ourselves to knowing him. In doing so, we will begin seeing more of the Lord in our heart, mind, attitudes, actions, reactions, and relationships.  It will spill over into every area of our life.

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