May 24, 2020

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: Start New


There have been many times over the years that I've become "stuck" on a concept, style, medium, brand, color(s), or technique.  There wasn't a conscious choice to become stuck.  It just kind of happened.  There are different reasons for this: a stubborn desire to make something work, a fear to try something new/different, we are comfortable doing what we've always done,  lacking vision for what's next, or some combination.  Though it is noble to see something to fruition, holding onto something that isn't working prevents us from moving forward.  Painting over a canvas, tearing out a page in your sketch book, switching the medium....when you start new you give yourself the freedom to let go of what was and embrace what is yet to come. 

Past successes and failures have the potential to get in the way of what God wants to do in our lives.  Living in what was prevents us from living in what's now.  Some rest in the glory of the past. Some wrestle with the mistakes of the past.  Both need to start new!  When we are given the gift of "today" we must seek God on how we might grow to know him more and to make him known. Our past experience inform our present but do not define it.  "SEE, I AM DOING A NEW THING!" What is it that God desires to do in and through you...TODAY.  What past experiences are you holding on to as excuses?  You've gone on mission trips, grown up in church, taught Sunday school.....but what about TODAY?   You've messed up...repeatedly, you feel like you've run from God, you are still struggling.....but what about TODAY?  Today is a day to start new!  Today is a day to trust God.  

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