May 03, 2020

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: WATCH

It is easy to allow outside sources to influence our inner creative dialog.  Sometimes we are seeking constructive criticism.  Sometimes we are seeking affirmation. Sometimes people offer unsolicited opinions. Whatever the case might be, if we are not careful we can allow such things to begin seeping into our heart, our mind, and our art.  We begin to think that our work isn't good enough, our ideas are not strong enough, or that we lack social media star power (a seeming prerequisite for any type of success in today's world). Half truths and whole lies cause us to doubt ourselves or compromise our artist integrity.   Our work begins morphing into what is trendy and acceptable to the masses. We need to watch what we allow to take root in our artistic lives. We need to watch our own thoughts, words, and actions so we do not feed into the destructive patterns that can crush our creative pursuits.

What does it mean to "watch over your heart"? Some translations use the word "guard" instead of watch.  When one watches or guards something.....they are attentive.  They know who or what SHOULD be going in or out.  They know who or what IS going in and out.  They are also empowered(given the tools and training) to do what is necessary to insure these expectations are accomplished. Do we truly "watch" or "guard" our heart?  Do we allow things to enter in that should not?  Right now we are faced with information and opinions as diverse as the fish in the sea.  We can easily allow the confusion, contempt, and consternation of this world to impact our lives.  We can allow pride and stress to have a place in our hearts.  Is that what the Lord desires for us? NO!  We need to be living the life God has given us.  That life is rooted in love.  What are you letting into your heart...your mind...your life?  What actions do you need to take to truly watch/guard your heart?  

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