March 22, 2020

Sunday School With Mr.E

For those of you new to Art With Mr.E ....I usually do a faith based post connecting art and faith each Sunday. If that is not your thing...skip my Sunday posts! The rest of the week is art & art education.

Hey friends...doing something different this week because it has been a different kind of week. Thought you might be missing Sunday School since most of our churches are not open for services. I know my voice is low/soft, but it was 2am & i didnt want to wake my family being loud! Haha So gather near & crank the volume!!!


  1. Thank you for the timely words. God is faithful, day by day.

  2. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Tomorrow I start video art teaching and I’m anxious about it. Never done anything like this before. God is faithful! He will be right there with me! I’m going to tell my kids about your website so they can go to Sunday School with Mr. E!,��