March 30, 2020

Call to Art: Day One

Today the Online Unconference, Call to Art, began! 
I hope you registered.  The sessions were wonderful, and I know I’ll take so much of what was shared into my classroom! I cannot wait for the next set to be shared tomorrow morning! 


  1. Hi Ed! I reserved my spot with school email and home email but I have not received a link or response to start the Unconference yet. Thoughts?

  2. Hello Shannon! (and my first name is Ted...Ed was my dad! :) ha ha ) When did you sign up? She has been sending out emails early morning with the link to that day's sessions. So you should be getting an email from Cindy Ingram & it will say Call to Art Day (whatever). Check spam/junkmail. If you don't see it... e-mail Cindy . SORRY YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE!

    1. okay thank you TED!!(opps)
      I signed up yesterday, I will continue to check and will email her as well. Thank you!!!!