March 27, 2020

Art With Mr.E: Starting a Circle Weaving Part 1

Come weave with me! Here is the being steps for how to do a circle weaving. The video will take you through the process, but I will also have written directions and pictures to help you out as much as possible. Once you get won’t want to stop! Please feel free to comment or contact me if you have any questions.

SUPPLIES:  paper plate or cardboard cut in a circle, 
pencil, scissors, yarn, and tape

VOCABULARY: loom- the structure you weave on (the plate/cardboard in this case),  warp- the string you weave through, weft- the string you weave with

On the back of your circle, make 11 marks evenly spaced around the rim, and label them 1-11. Try your best to have them an equal distance apart. 

Next you will “warp” your “loom”. You will want to have just a small tail of yarn hanging on the back at the 1 spot.  The majority of your yarn for the warp will be on the front of the circle. Follow the formula below to finish warping your loom. 

Here is the "formula" for warping your loom!

1 to 6 (across the loom)
6 to 7(hello neighbor)
7 to 2(across the loom)
2 to 3(hello neighbor)
3 to 8(across the loom)
8 to 9(hello neighbor)
9 to 4(across the loom)
4 to 5(hello neighbor)
5 to 10(across the loom)
10 to 11(hello neighbor)
11 to 5
(the number 5 will have to strings sharing the space) 

After you have warped your loom, tape down the ends on the back so they do not come out of their spots.

Feed your “weft“ string underneath the warp strings from the 3ish to the 9ish place. You want to capture all the warp strings in the middle with the smallest knot possible. Cut off the small “extra” piece of string from your knot....but be careful to not cut the knot or any warp strings. 

Begin by going around the circle (I go counter clock wise..not sure why?).  OVER UNDER OVER UNDER. I will go over/under about half of the stings and then pull my yarn all the way through.  If you do not do can get tangled up, and cause some problems for you.

At the end of each string tie the new one to the old one. You can trim the "bunny ears" off at the end.   Tying knots & double(triple..or more) jumping is the biggest problem young artists have once they get started.  They just have to make sure to go over or under each of the warp strings...they can not go over over..or under under.  

To finish the weavings, artists can create a pattern in pencil on the rest of the plate(the background...not the back) & then use the same color of markers (as their yarn) to color their pattern.  


The finished product can look something like this! 

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