March 25, 2020

Art With Mr.E: Tissue Paper Color Transfer

OH MY GOODNESS?!?! My video quality is getting worse instead of better?!?!  I've tried some different things the past two videos....and they obviously are not good things! ha ha WHAT IS THAT THING IN THE BOTTOM LEFT CORNER?!?! I didn't know it was obstructing the view till after I did the whole video and went to play it back.  It is what it is friends...hopefully you can still get something from it even though that thing is in the way! ha ha  

This is a tissue paper color transfer.  You will need paper, pencil, sharpie, bleeding tissue paper , brush, and water(a spray bottle works GREAT!). Later you will need crayons, markers, or colored pencils. 
If you don't have bleeding tissue will need to use a watered down glue, mod podge, or liquid starch to attach the regular tissue paper down(as flat & smooth as possible).  

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