January 19, 2020

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: UNSEEN

Glue is such an important art supply.  However, it is at its best when unseen.  Even a little bit of "exposed" glue can be detrimental, and wreck the craftsmanship of a work of art. Too much glue can cause warping or develop a undesirable texture because of the excessive moisture.  Having too little glue can cause pieces of your work curl, lift, or even fall off.  So many art supplies scream for attention, but glue wants to do its job and remain unnoticed. 
The unseen power of glue can make or break a work of art. 

There is a fine line between promotion of self and exaltation of Christ.  That line sometimes becomes so faint that people do not really know which side of it they are on.  While pretending to seek the interest of God, they fall prey to promoting themselves - AW Tozer The Crucified Life

Jesus, Tozer, and faithful leaders from today all addressing the same issue.  Too often we (and that is a big old huge collective we) do not seek out opportunities to serve God behind the scenes. We want our actions to be noticed.  We want to have Instagram moments of service.  LOOK AT ME!  SEE WHAT I AM DOING FOR GOD!  There are people who are called to be "up front" in their service, but more often than not....we need to serve God with humble hearts that desire to honor him and minister to others unseen.  As we continue to grow in our relationship with the Lord, this desire to serve/minister/reach out to others "behind the scenes" becomes our heartbeat.  Though there are times sharing our ministry/service is appropriate to encourage & challenge others......most of the time we seek to serve the Lord with our lives and desire an audience of One.   Be the glue in your family, your church, your job, your community....EVERYWHERE!!!  


  1. I love this metaphor! Being a fellow art teacher, this really resonated with me. Well said.