January 07, 2020

How Artists See....

How Artists See... is a book series I have had for many, many moons.  It is copy right dated 1996, but I don't believe I've had it that long. ha ha  I've used the books in lessons and to inspire one of my spring all school art shows many years ago.  I was contacted in the fall by the publishing company if I wanted to have copies of the 2nd Edition of the book.  Lets think about this....YES!!! I really was curious to what changes had been made.  

THE 2nd EDITION IS BEAUTIFUL!  There are several new images included which I really enjoy.....but THE COLOR!!!  I noticed right away when I started comparing the books (old & new) that the images that were the same....the color is dramatically better in the new edition!  Also I feel Colleen Carroll's descriptive writing that accompanies the images is spot on, and I think extremely beneficial for young readers to explore.  They are great resources for your art library! 

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