January 12, 2020

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: Resolve

We are now almost two weeks into the new year ....how are your resolutions going?  So many of my art friends "declared" this would be the year they created ever day, they would work in their sketch books every night before bed, complete a painting each week, have their work on display somewhere, or that they would [INSERT ART GOAL HERE].  Don't get me wrong....I think it is wonderful to set goals!  I feel we need them in order to break free from the ruts & bad habits we've allowed to steal our creative joy.  However, broken resolutions can cause us to sink deeper into the ruts & bad habits we were trying to change in the first place.  The guilt & shame of unmet goals often produces excuses and/or negative self talk which creates further distance between the artist and their desire to create. I believe we must resolve to do better.  Not that we set unrealistic resolutions, but that we resolve to take steps toward meeting this real need within us to create.  There may be some days that we are unable to follow through..... AND THAT'S OK!!!!  We must give ourselves grace, and embrace each day as an opportunity to try once more.  

Isaiah 43:18-19

It is amazing how many people are so often stuck somewhere in their past.  It may be a failure that they cannot move beyond.  It may be a victory that they can not let go.  Allowing our past to define us (both the good & the bad) does not allow for us to experience the growth and change that God desires for our lives.  Though our past can inform us, it should not keep us from moving forward.  God knows our "past"......and he still loves us. We must resolve to view each day as a new opportunity to live the life God has given us....to know him & make him known.  If you struggle to forgive yourself....if you struggle to move forward.....read Isaiah 43:18-19 each and every day.  Take to heart the scriptures as they say..."FORGET THE FORMER THINGS; DO NOT DWELL ON THE PAST."  This truth is a resolution worth pursuing. 

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