January 16, 2020

Fossil Dig Wax Resist

I've started my spring art show lessons...and this year we're going with a dinosaur theme!  The kids are loving it....I'm loving it (total dino nerd here).  Second grade is creating dinosaur fossils.  I feel like they are doing really well(though the photographs aren't so great...sorry).  I've provided a sheet of dinosaur bones (photos from museums) as a reference, but tell them they can create any dinosaur skeleton they want.  We discuss how the bones are often discovered a little mixed up/twisted up/ different than a fully put together dinosaur skeleton in a museum.  We use white and gray crayons to fill in our bones, and then brown and black watercolor to paint over the page.  Excited to see the rest of my classes finish this project.
 (we may go back in with black colored pencil to add some stronger lines.)

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