September 09, 2018

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: PRACTICE

Have you ever seen art educators (or really any educators) that do the same thing year in & year out.  Same projects, same presentations, same bulletin is like the Groundhog Day of education.  If you have something good going...why mess with perfection....right???  I'm not that teacher.  Part of it is because I'd become incredibly bored with myself.  Another part of it is that I've never felt like I've "arrived"....there is always something I could tweek/change/make better!  The last part of it is as educators.....we are called to be lifelong learners. We must put into practice those things we are learning, or what is the point?  Putting into practice new skills, techniques, concepts, ideas....they allow us to take ownership.  In doing this...we are able to impart the information to our students in a more effective manner.  "Do what I do!" is more powerful than "Do what I say!".  They need to see that we are learning & growing alongside them.  

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. 
Do what it says.   James 1: 22

One of the major walls that we as believers build between us & non believers is that of hypocrisy.  Webster's defines a hypocrite as "a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings."  (  So many of us go to church ...listen to our Christian our Christian books, but don't allow those things to impact our life.  We claim God...but do not live a life that reflects that claim.  As Christians, we are lifelong learners of God's Word.  As followers, we are constantly looking to the example of Christ in how we should live our life.  As believers, we are daily working out what our faith means in our attitudes, actions, and aspirations through the Holy Spirit.  We have not "arrived".  We have not gotten all of our "stuff" together.  We make mistakes.  God's grace is something we embrace each & every day....and is something we should extend as we walk through this life.  We are not here just to teach others about our faith...we are here to live it out & show them!  Practice what you it out through your actions & when needed...use words!!

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  1. Devotional time on Monday, as my work week stars Tuesday. Thanks for writing insights on the journey. Everything we do and say is noticed by students, not by all, just some and are impacted. Like at home, leading with a servants heart and full obedience toward Jesus.