September 27, 2018

Fall Painting Projects for Elementary

Need some ideas for fun fall painting projects for your elementary students??

Bringing "CORN"dinsky out of retirement & into watercolor!  I have done this project in the past using oil pastels, but I like the look of it more so in watercolor.  A great project to introduce kids to the amazing work of Kandinsky with a different spin on it!!

Speaking of Kandinsky, here is a crayon resist project that might work well for early elementary.
Have the students draw several leaves on their paper using crayons.  Then introduce wet on wet technique. You can also keep tissues, tissue paper, or salt on hand to add a few more fun texture techniques into the lesson.  It would make a wonderful large group display as well!

I'm doing a unit right now with third grade that is exploring interior and exterior spaces.Bring the fall exterior inside by gazing out the window!  A simple change to a normal lesson that we teach students.  I always talk about the foreground being like the things you see right out your it can literally be right outside their window!! 

Exploring color mixing!!  This is a fun & easy project with a lot of impact.  I have my student fill up their paper with different types of leaves(the biggest problem is that they draw them too small).  Then they paint....but must use 2 or more colors on every leaf!!  Proper painting procedures, color mixing, fall...etc.....this lesson packs a lot of lessons into one!!

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