September 17, 2018

Practicum Students

I'm fortunate to teach in an area that has several colleges that offer art education.  This allows me the opportunity for observations, practicum students, and student teachers.  I count it a blessing, privileged, and duty to welcome these educators in training into my classroom, and be a part of their art education journey.  Any one of them could potentially teach my students in the years to come.  Any one of them could potentially teach my own children.  I care about my students...and I care about my kids!! I want them to have the best possible art education....and if I can play a part in that....why wouldn't I?!?!

I encourage my practicum students to set down and work along side the kids to get to know them...and to model art skills & details in their work. 

I also have them take over parts of my lessons as soon as possible.  I want them to gain confidence in the art room...and have as many experiences as possible!!  They will teach their own lesson in a week or two....this was just getting them more prepared!!! 

They enjoyed the emotion monster lesson I was doing with 1st grade....but I'm wondering why they all did angry?!?!!? What is going on in my practicum students' lives??!??!?! ha ha ha  

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