September 08, 2018

Reality Check

As the new school year is well underway for everyone by this are seeing all the amazing posts of beautiful rooms with beautiful projects created by beautifully creative and beautifully behaved students.  These amazing utopian worlds seem far removed from the reality of your day.  

I have to admit...more times than not...I post the best of my projects & don't always share the struggles. The struggles are real!! Even for seasoned bloggie social media posting art teachers like myself.  Please know when you are in the midst of your struggles....we are right there with you!! Know you can message, comment, tweet, and email us...that is why we post!! We all believe we are better together....and love to connect with our art ed family!! 

Oh...and here is the reality check for my kindergarten collage fish lesson!!  Like I said...even us old timers struggle from time to time!! Ha ha

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