January 14, 2017

The Patterns & Textures of Memphis

My wife & I celebrated our 10th anniversary by going to Memphis to visit the brand new IKEA & Graceland.  I found myself being drawn to all the patterns & textures at IKEA, our hotel (The Guest House at Graceland...highly recommend!!), and Graceland.  I think there is an art lesson here!!  Do you ever get fixated on things like this??  My wife was like..."ARE YOU TAKING MORE PICTURES OF THE WALLS?" ha ha

This first group of pictures were taken at IKEA...some are of bedding & others from their fabric area.  I LOVE THEM SO!!!! 

The next group were taken at The Guest House at Graceland.  
We loved our stay at this hotel..just beautiful! 

This last group is from Graceland! 

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