January 08, 2017

Sunday Devotional With Mr. E: Choices

Art is all about choices.  What materials to use, images to convey ideas, colors for mood, size to create impact, location & lighting to display...and countless more before, in between, and after a work is considered "complete".  Even after completing a piece, an artist may go back into their art and make changes.  Each choice impacts how a work is perceived/interpreted.  There are times an artist might create a work multiple times in a variety of media because they are unable to decide which would be best.  Some artists have a very clear vision for their work, and their choices seem direct & unwavering.  They know exactly where they are going & what they are trying to convey with their work.  However, they still have made that choice.  Their are times when I'm creating that I have so many ideas, I find myself unable to proceed because I don't know which direction to choose.  I become paralyzed by choices.  What should I do? What would be best? How will it be perceived?  Does it say what I want it to say? Sometimes you need to just create.  You are able to learn things from completing a work that can be applied to future pieces.  

Many are the plans of the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.
Proverbs 19:21

Choices are a part of life.  Some are easy & some are not.  As believers we can seek God's Word when we are unsure about the choices we need to make.  We can go to other believers that have walked with God longer & may have experience with the choices we are facing.  We also can pray, and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. However, even when we try to apply all of these in our life....we are still faced with choices that we're just unsure about. I have seen people place an unbelievable amount of pressure on themselves to choose what is right.  It is as if they think they are going to "mess up" God's plan.  They feel that somehow it all rests on their shoulders, and if they choose poorly, that God's will will not be done.  If God can use a talking donkey, a shepherd boy(David), a Christian hating/killing zealot(Saul/Paul)...I think He can carry out his purpose & plan!  He wants you to be a part of his plan.  He wants you to make the right choices.  However, his plans won't unhinge if you make a mistake.  It isn't about you anyways.  Seek him.  Seek his will/plan/purpose. REST IN HIM. 

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