January 09, 2017

Organization: Brushes

Why did I not think of this years ago?!?!

Do you have this issue?  Paint brushes stored in mugs/cups? 
Disorganized? Taking up precious cupboard space!


I found a shoe holder/organizer made out of the non-woven material they use for reusable grocery bags.  I had to cut it down to fit the size of my cupboard door.  Be careful not to cut too much away or you could cause the actual pouches to come off!  I used hot glue to attach it to the inside of the doors.  Be careful with high temp hot glue...the non-woven fabric will melt like plastic if you are not careful.  I hot glued it on the seams where the fabric was doubled up.  This will hopefully give enough strength to it so the weight of the brushes do not cause it to come loose!  Make sure that the door will still close as you are attaching it!!  The pouches will sag some with the weight...which will cause them to possibly hit the area where the doors close.  Also..depending on how much you pack them...it could cause the doors not to shut all the way.  This is easy to figure out though.  I still need to weed through my brushes a bit more...but it is much more organized!!!


  1. Seems like a mess for drying purposes - guessing this is not for when you are actually painting?? The cups catch any excess and can be carried around easily. Not sure how you transport materials to your kids, to sink, and back.
    I like it for storage of non in use brushes though. Thanks

    1. It is for organizing when not in use. I have them separated by size & type....so when I need brushes...I can open up the cupboard & find what I need. To get them to students..i place them in the water cup as I pass them out.

  2. That could even hang on a wall at a paint station. A good way to help students identify brushes by shape and style!

  3. That would be nice to hang on a wall at a painting station, have each section labeled for the type of brush it is and students could also learn to identify these brushes by style and shape as the choose brushes to work with and when they put them back😊

  4. This is such a great idea! I am definitely going to implement this in my future classroom.