May 24, 2016

The End is a Blob

So yesterday was FUN DAY at our school! Special area's did not have classes...just had to help out around FUN DAY & Lunch Duty(I'd rather teach classes!).  Most of the day I was taking down the art show(finally...just so hard to take it down after all that work to put it up!! ha ha).  I've shared in the past...I use the wall tack you can purchase almost anywhere.  I'm not brand specific...but the one with the yellow duckie seems to be the best.  I place tape in each corner so the wall tack down not damage the art work(it has an oil in it to prevent drying up).  So it pops right off when you pull the art down.  I know some of this blog is over 10 yrs old!!!  I add a few new packs to it each year. 

For me...this has worked the best to hang my shows/displays.  This year I did not even have one piece come off the walls!!  What do you use??

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  1. I use a glue gun on our concrete walls. It peels right off and lasts all year.