May 09, 2016

Multicultural Fair Banners Complete: K-4th

Our Multicultural Fair ended up being a HUGE success!! We had so much wonderful parent participation...our school cultures were well represented. I was amazed how many people brought samples of their was a delicious trip around the world.  The banners I had my student created turned out great...and everyone seemed to really love them.  Very proud of my kiddos for the work they did on the well as many art projects they did extra in their classroom to hang in the halls!


  1. Hey Mr.E, I don't know where to contact you but I figured I'll try here. I have about 5 colorific foohy gel markers box sets left and I just found your blog. I wanted to know if you have found out if you have found anything out about the markers. Please let me know.

    1. :( Sad to looks like there is no reviving the awesome brand of FOOHY GEL MARKERS :(