January 21, 2016

What An Art Teacher Does On A Snow Day...

Snow days in the south are not like snow days in the north!!  There is little snow...and talk of BLACK ICE!!! (as if they are the only ones that get ice?!?)  Anyways..I came into school because I had received my supply order, but there were many things wrong.  Frozen glue, missing items, damaged items.....not good!  So I came in today to call the company and let them know the situation.  I'm so impressed with how they handled things!!  They listened, expressed their concern, and got to work replacing the items!!!  Big shout out to SCHOOL SPECIALTY (Parent Company of SAX Art Supplies).  You all are a joy to work with, and I truly appreciate how you stand behind your products and service!! 

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  1. I had an issue with some liquid watercolors I bought from them before (the paint was leaking out of the cap when I squeezed the paint out) so they sent me an entire brand new set! Love that place!