January 03, 2016

Sunday Devotional With Mr. E: CHANGE

Change is an important part of the artistic life.  As we experience life, explore new facets of self, and grow mentally &emotionally, it is natural for our art to change with us.  We explore new media, new colors, new content that helps to express where we find ourselves & the ideas we wish to convey.  Picasso is an artist that we can easily see his artistic changes over time. Blue to Rose, Cubism to Neo-Classicism...we see Picasso changing. He could have fallen flat on his face as he changed his style of visual communication.  Change can bring reward, but it can also bring failure.  However, if he would have remained the same throughout his entire career, he would have been labeled ONE NOTE or ONE HIT WONDER.
 Changes grows us...we can learn from successes & failures.

Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.  See I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?  I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.
Isaiah 43: 18-19

Sometimes change is scary.  We get use to things being a certain way.  Even if they aren't perfect...knowing what to expect brings about a certain level of comfort.  What if things change and they aren't any better? What if things change and they are worse?  What if things change and I don't really like it?  What if things change and I'm not good enough?  Change is a part of life that we must learn to embrace.  As Christians, we can approach change differently.  We don't trust in change for our joy...because it can bring us sorrow.  We don't trust in change for our significance...because it can leave us feeling insignificant.  We don't trust in change for life to be better...because it can make life worse.  Our trust is in the unchanging God...WHO WAS, AND IS, AND IS TO COME!  When we place our trust in the unchanging truth of God's love...we can approach change without fear.  Sometimes God wants to do a "new thing" in our lives.  A "new thing" is an opportunity to trust God in new ways...to grow in our knowledge of Him...and to let others know about Him.  We may face failure or we may face success.  No matter the outcome God is still God, and He is still in control (even if we feel we are not).  We need to embrace change and trust God.  Each experience allows us a fuller picture of who He is....and how much He loves & cares for us.  

Dear Lord, Thank you for never changing in this ever changing world.  Thank you for being my rock...my firm foundation.  I can embrace change knowing that my foundation is strong.  I can grow in You by trusting You with "new thing"(s) in my life.  Help me to turn away from fear's lies..and allowing Your truth will see me through any and all of life's challenges & changes.
Thank you Lord for this life You've given me.


  1. Thank you for this inspiration and truth! Love your faith and sharing words!

  2. Thank you, Mr. E! I needed to hear this today--I'm finally done with my graduate studies and CHANGE is ever-present in my life right now. Embracing the blessings of "change" as I face each day. Take care, Mrs. P @ www.CreateArtWithMe.blogspot.com