January 27, 2016

BLAST OFF: Kindergarten Mixed Media

I'm happy with how these kindergarten mixed media pieces are turning out.  I am going to give them part of one more class to finish them up...adding stars or planets on the black...and any details they may want to add on their rockets(construction paper crayons).  When you are doing mixed media for kindergarten..you need to remember to break things down...keeping them simple with one or two steps per class time.  If you try to do too much...you'll end up with a hot mess!  

On the first class time...I had my students start with line drawing.  I then had them trace using construction paper crayons(I just liked those colors for this project...regular crayons would be fine too).  Last, I had them do a watercolor wash on top.    During the second class time...students added the black paper for space...and created the rocket shops in collage(limited to 2 colors).  They ended it by adding glitter glue to the fire/smoke coming out of the bottom of the rocket ship.  


  1. Love this project! Thanks for breaking down the steps and their time allocation.

  2. This project inspired my own!

  3. I will use this for a lesson plan at an after school program. The teachers thank you.

  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bqr1_PdBlko/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet

    Thank you for the idea!