November 04, 2015

TAEA Elementary Division Project


I'm the state elementary division leader for TnAEA.  During our state conference...I'm responsible for leading a time with the elementary art teachers. This year I kicked off our time by having each teacher create an arrow.  I love arrows....and the symbolism they can provide.  They can show us where to go, where we've been, direction, confusion, and get to the point of things.  In education...we can feel like the arrow going in a bunch of different directions...right side up, upside down, over , under, and every which way!  When we are feeling confused, directionless, or even down...we must keep the main thing the main thing....THE CHILDREN! Keeping our students at the center will allow us to coarse correct when our direction seems unclear. Where is your arrow pointing right it spinning around and around? What do you need to do to get it going in the right directions:recharge your batteries, professional development, a mentor to come along side you, finding a group of like minded teachers to hold you accountable & encourage you?? You are not alone...we've all been there!  

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