November 02, 2015


WEEK 1 is all about family....and family comes in many forms!  I have friends that are closer than blood!!   So don't limit yourself to just spouse or blood relatives.  I already know that my wife does not receive enough thanks & praise for all that she she is one of my THANK YOU cards this week.  However...I want to go beyond just saying thank you.  I want to bless her!  I know that one of her simple pleasures is getting away to Starbucks I picked up a Starbucks card to place inside her card as an extra somethin' somethin'!!!  The extra blessing doesn't have to be something you buy could be time, an adventure together, watching their kids, cleaning their car or house, fixing dinner....WHATEVER!!!  All that I ask is that you share your art work & your extra blessing!!  If you want to share why that person was your THANK YOU this week...we'd love to hear!!

So now what?  Start by taking time to think about your family....and who may NEED a special thank you!!  I know we could be making a huge stack of cards this week...but don't overwhelm yourself.   Hopefully this is just the beginning of sharing the gratitude attitude & purposely letting those you love know you care!

You don't have to run out and buy those premade blank cards to create on...just a good quality folded piece of paper will do!  If you need to mail it...think about the envelopes you have on hand so you don't create too large!  

Pencil, Marker, Pen, Crayon, Colored Pencil...WHATEVER!!!

SUBJECT: Whatever would show a personal connection to the person you are giving it to!  (This week I'll do a coffee cup to go with her gift card!)

If you can't think of an "EXTRA" to go with your's ok!!  Just give a the card!! often do you receive thank you cards for just being you??  This will encourage and bless whoever you give it to....with or without any extras!

Twitter/Instagram/Facebook...WHATEVER! :)  
The hashtags are #k12artchallenge & #ARTGIVINGNOV  
If you can tag me in it...that would be awesome(then I won't have to search!


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