September 04, 2015

Rizzi Collage: 1st Grade

James Rizzi makes me smile.  He also makes my students smile.  Sometimes art is just 100% fun!  The kids were so amazed that a grown-up would make buildings with faces on it...such bright colors...and all the other eye candy in Rizzi's work.  

We had been looking at & creating cityscapes in the two weeks prior...and I felt this would be a wonderful connection for their collage work. 

This lesson is to get the NO LONGER KINDERGARTENERS/NOW 1ST GRADERS back into collage mode.  Some of the students are still not back into the swing of things, and their work is very much still kindergarten. 

I precut a variety of colors to 6in x 9in...and they select 2 different colors(I call them 3 or 4 tables at a time...because I've got them spread out over a larger table.  The rest of their paper they select from the scrap box.  You need to make sure you have policy/procedures down for scrap box stuff!!!  If not it could be ciaos.  I allow 3 tables to go to the box at a time(about 6 kids).  The other students are working at cutting out their buildings from the 2 pieces of paper they had previously selected.  This way no one is just setting around waiting.    I do not pass out glue till the last 15 min. of class.  I want students to first cut out their pieces and arrange them before gluing so there isn't any "OOPS!" and then they rip pieces off and leave a mess on their work and my tables. 

If you have any questions...let me know in the comment section and I'll try to answer them!

The building on the left TOTALLY cracks me up!!! LOVE!!!!!

This reminds me of Bob & Larry from Veggie Tales! 
Anyone else see it??


  1. This is so wonderful. Thank you for using my Uncle as an inspiration to teach your students. He is looking down on this and smiling, I know it. Thanks again

    1. Laura, I "found" your uncle & his work just a month or so before he passed. He will forever be part of my teaching of young children!!

  2. Great tip about waiting to pass out the glue. I always have students rip stuff off. I will surely be trying this procedure when we start collage this year.