September 21, 2015

Practicum Student Ms.H: Lines With Kindergarten

I open my room to student teachers, practicum students, and observations every year.  I believe in helping to develop the next generation of art educators, and truly enjoy my time with them.  This looks like the first year in about a decade I'm not going to have a student teacher.  

However, right now I'm hosting 3 practicum students from MTSU.  They have been a wonderful group!  This post is about Ms. H's lesson.  She chose to work with Kindergarten.  I love when people are up for the challenge of our littlest people!!  She really did well for her first time developing a lesson plan & teaching it!  In the picture she is teaching the students about lines in a kinesthetic manner. So much fun!!

They applied the lines they learned about in a turtle drawing.  They used construction paper crayons to finish their work.  This was the first time Ms. H used them...and she LOVED them(I do too).  One of the greatest things about Ms. H....she wants to grow!!!  I love when a up & coming teacher comes humbly to the table...and just wants to learn!  She is going to learn...she is going to grow...and she is going to make a great art teacher!!


  1. Hi Ted,
    Can I tell you how cool I think it is that your school district allows teachers who wear a head covering? I work for the largest district in Oregon and we have a restriction on wearing any religious clothing/clothing article which means in 10 years I have never seen a teacher in our district who belongs to a culture or religion that has head coverings. I've always wondered what great teachers we are missing out on because of this seemingly soooo outdated rule. I'm curious if you are allowed to wear any religious related jewelry in your district? Like when I first started teaching I had to stop wearing my Star of David necklace that was quite small and had belonged to my grandmother and I know other teachers have been asked to take off their cross necklaces no matter how small. I know you are proud and involved in your religion so I wondered what your thoughts are on this all.

    1. I can't imagine your situation!?! I also can't imagine that is legal?! Infringing on the rights of our Muslim friends seems unreal to me. That is not them trying to convert anyone, but honoring their beliefs! Thank you for sharing that...I'm interested to where else in the nation that is the "rule". You are so right many amazing teachers are they missing out on???