June 15, 2012

Summer Gig 2012

I am once again blessed beyond belief with an amazing summer gig!  Last summer I was on the state textbook adoption team & on the team that rewrote the district elementary art curriculum (and somewhere in the mix...my son Eli was born...I live for a packed schedule ha ha).  This summer I was asked by the Metro Nashville Arts Commission to create a document that would be be an elementary companion to the Watermarks Project.  The Watermarks Project is installation pieces that are going up around the city in areas that were hardest hit by the Nashville floods of 2010 (google it if you don't know about the floods..it was bad!!!).  Anyways...they want to have something for elementary art teachers that would encourage them to use the artists in lessons & to take field trips to the installations.  I'm also going to be working science & possibly social studies standards into the document.  I am able to set my schedule & location...which is wonderful!  I've been going to area libraries to work, and think I found my new office!!!  The Gallatin Library is AMAZING!  It is has a ton of quiet places to work!  I know that might sound odd, but if you have been to a library in the summer...they are NOT quiet.  They also have this amazing balcony on the second floor that overlooks the town square.  Yep...I think this is where I'll be working for the rest of the summer.


  1. You are so lucky!!! I remember the floods, my brothers live there. We visited the library in downtown Nashville.. . it was magical. Made me want to move there! CONGRATS!!!

  2. cool gig indeed. a great way to integrate local history, local living artists, and the other content areas into a sequence of lessons. have fun! (and post more about it as you go:)