June 27, 2012

Beauty at Vanderbilt's Children's Hospital

I recently visited Vanderbilt's Children's Hospital here in Nashville. My friend's new born(only 2 weeks old in the picture below) son spent a week there recently.  I had heard they really worked hard to make the environment enjoyable for children(well..at least less hospitally).  I was amazed!  The dog above was actually done by an art teacher here in Nashville, Lynn Driver ( http://www.lynndriver.com/ ).  
Here is baby Rocker(yes..that is his real name).  Happy to say he is out of the hospital and doing well!!!!

Sculptures, paintings, prints.....ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING!!!!!  
Here are just a handful of pictures....there is so much more!!!

This cat (also by Lynn Driver) greets people as they come into the hospital.  

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