June 18, 2012

Dolphin Painter

I find animal paintings fun.....yet secretly I'm a little bitter toward them.
They will make more money on their art than I ever will!!!! ha ha


  1. Cool! Maybe next year I'll let the students paint like a dolphin instead of just like an elephant! :)

  2. We've had discussions at school about what makes an artist an artist and what is art. Especially it comes up when we've studied Mondrian or Pollock or the colorcfield painters etc. when kids say "I can do that. W.hy did he make so much money and get famous doing that? I always explain that what makes these works IMPORTANT is placing them in. A historical context ("nobody had ever painted like that before" and so on).

    So as cute as it might be to have these animals painting and as pretty and colorful as they might be, it annoys and even angers me to see them selling them as"art".